We offer cost-effective payroll solutions to meet your business’s every need. Our goal is to enable you to focus on running your business. Quick processing combined with our adaptability to work with you that makes us the answer to your payroll needs. We will assign a Personal Payroll Specialist to work one-on-one with you to help you stay in control. With Davis & Associates, you’re working with a local company that takes the time to get to know your needs, giving you the attention, you deserve.

Interested in Payroll? Let us know & we’ll help you evaluate your options.

Our Payroll Services Include:

- Professional Paychecks and Stubs

- Free Direct Deposit

- Payroll Delivery

- Payroll Checks Drawn on DPP Account

- Payroll Deductions, Garnishments and Levies

- Federal and State Payroll Tax Deposits and Returns

- FICA, FIT, & SIT Tax Withholdings

- Customized Reports

- Job Cost Accounting Reports

- Cost Allocation Reports

- Filing of Quarterly Reports – FICA, FUTA, SUTA

- New Hire Reporting

- Federal Payroll Summaries

- Production and Delivery of W-2s

- Wage/Hour Law Compliance

- Payroll Deductions

- Department Summary

It is my pleasure to recommend Davis & Associates for your payroll needs! We have been using them for 2 1/2 years, and over that time frame we have had to make many changes to both compensation packages and personnel. They have handled them all seamlessly. And whenever I have needed documents, I have usually had them within the hour. Always knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with!

- Brett Ellington

I have had a great relation ship with Davis & Associates for almost 30 years. I have received great service at a reasonable price. They are a professional organization that properly responds to our needs. They truly care about their clients. I would highly recommend them.

- Trevor Yosslowitz

I first started doing business with Davis and Associates over ten years Go when they helped me resolve an issue with the IRS. Since then I’ve had the pleasure to work directly with Mitch and several staff members. They have been consistently great! Davis and Associates is run the way a good CPA firm should be. Easy access to the individual that can help with whatever the situation is. Fast turnaround time and extremely knowledgeable. They put me at ease with their confidence that they can resolve any tax issue that might arise now or in the future.

- Jeffrey Switts

Night Cat Protective Services has had the pleasure of working directly with Tammy for 4 years now and have been more than pleased with the services!! The entire staff has always assisted very professionally and in a timely manner and provided guidance. Definitely recommend for all your CPA needs!!

- Janette Smith 

About a year ago I changed my payroll provider because my previous provider regularly failed to file income tax returns and pay taxes. I constantly had to follow up with them to ensure everything was done correctly. When I changed to Davis Payroll Processing, everything changed. They always handle everything correctly so that I don’t have to worry about payroll at all anymore. I really appreciate their professionalism and responsiveness.

- Rich Marr

We started working with Davis and Associates in 2007 and they have been a major asset to our three separate corporations. We use their payroll, financial and corporate/personal tax services. They have been instrumental to the success of our companies.
Their superb and professional attention to detail in all areas create the perfect one-stop shop for my businesses. Over the years, I have recommended many people to Mitch and his staff and all of them continue to thank me today. The staff of Davis and Associates aren’t just a business partner, they treat you like family.

- John O’Donnell

What Makes Us Different?

Davis Payroll Processing takes the time to build relationships with each of our clients, structuring a personalized payroll experience to accommodate your specific needs.   Our team strives for excellency and we want to exceed all of our clients expectations.  No payroll is too big or too small.  Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with all of your payroll needs.