Serving the North Atlanta Area for Over 20 Years with Unmatched Tax Savings

We’ve been serving the North Atlanta Area for over twenty years, giving us a broad scope of where our clientele come from, what they need, and a glimpse into where they’re going. It’s this acute knowledge of our area that will help us guide you on your financial journey in the long-term.

Our tax savings are unmatched by competitors. We look through the fine prints to make sure your tax savings are fundamentally optimized in a way that large, impersonal businesses cannot guarantee. We comb through every possible fact and figure to make all your information easy-to-process and up front.

Services & Capabilities

Any successful business in today’s world has an effectively-managed financial administration. We are here to provide you with full-service financial preparation. Our experienced CPAs, Accountants, and Administrative Staff are capable of handling all your accounting, tax, and payroll inquiries. We’re here to walk you through your personal and business financial circumstances, making every detail easily accessible and understandable.

We will take our time to educate you with unfamiliar concepts and work to ensure you’re able to make well-informed choices regarding your tax, payroll, & accounting needs. We pride ourselves on our stellar communication skills, for if everyone understands the process, it brings the client up to speed in a fundamental knowledge of what got them to the point they’re at.

We tailor our services to you. No two clients are the same, and we take great strides to ensure that your personal experience with us is unique and special. We don’t believe that there is a one-size fits all solution when it comes to tax & accounting. We work efficiently to ensure everyone gets the personalized services that they deserve.

Meet Our Team

Management Team

Mitchell Davis, CPA


Machelle Sawyer

Accounting & Payroll Manager

Shannon Reid

Tax Manager

Kathleen Partida

Office Administrator

Administrative Team

Christine Johnston

Senior Administrative Assistant

Tiffany Israel

Administrative Assistant

Athena Collis

Administrative Assistant

Virginia Walsh

Administrative Assistant

Tax Team

Michelle Stockdill, EA

IRS Resolution Specialist

Anthony Antoun

Senior Tax Accountant

Taha Nachar, EA

Senior Tax Accountant

Sarah Kendall

Tax Accountant

Cristian Mascote

Tax Accountant

Seth Davis

Tax Accountant

Catherine Leikind

Tax Accountant

Accounting Team

Ana Milian

Assistant Accounting Manager

Shannon Orr

Senior Staff Accountant

Lauren Coleman

Senior Staff Accountant

Julie Levy

Staff Accountant

Matthias Johnson

Staff Accountant

Payroll Team

Marie Nipper

Payroll Specialist

Jeanie Kapcsos

Payroll Specialist

Savanna Conroy

Payroll Specialist

Special Projects

Jeremy Taylor

Staff Accountant

IT Team

Chase Laurance

IT Specialist

Firm History & Mission Statement

At Davis & Associates, we work to ensure high standards on a daily basis. We work consistently to be an invaluable resource for our clients and community. Our mission statement is simple: we commit to provide you with hands-on, responsive, and personalized services.As a firm, this is upheld and shown through our professionalism. We believe that there is no better way to work with our clients, than to establish a relationship and help them become knowledgeable of our services. We strive to empower our clients into financial stability.

We are working with a combined 150 years of experience to deliver excellent, professional service. Our highly-experienced team works for your tax savings and eliminates the pain of managing complex accounting software. Davis & Associates is where businesses and individuals come when they want advice, one-on-one client care, and attention to detail. We offer a wide range of services: Taxes, Payroll, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Incorporations, and Small Business Start Ups.Our team strives to provide personalized services for every client.

We believe that getting to know our client’s needs is the best approach to ensure we provide exceptional service. Our approach is educational and proactive; first, we determine your desires and values, and then we form a plan to best fulfill your vision.