Recently, the IRS issued a statement as a reminder for most heavy highway vehicle owners that the time to file Form 2290, the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return, began on July 1st, 2019.

Who Does the Heavy Highway Use Tax Return Apply to?

The highway use tax is applicable to highway motor vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more. Typically, this included large trucks, buses, and tractor-trailers. While there are various special rules that apply, the tax is primarily based on the weight of the vehicle. You can learn more about the special rules on Form 2290.

It is expected that the IRS will receive almost 900,000 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Returns in 2019. However, while many taxpayers will have the ability to file Form 2290 on paper, operators with 25 or more taxed vehicles will be forced to e-file.

When to file Form 2290 in 2019

For vehicles in use on the roads during July, the deadline to file and pay the tax is September 3rd, 2019. Since the normal deadline of August 31st falls on a Saturday, and the following Monday is a federal holiday, the deadline has been slightly extended.

e-filing Form 2290 & Payment

Due to the convenience and efficiency of filing online, the IRS is encouraging owners to e-file and pay due taxes online. They are also noting that there is no need to visit an IRS office because tax payments and filing can be completed online. Tay payers will be able to pay via credit or debit card.

Visit for a comprehensive list of e-file providers approved by the IRS and for help finding an approved provider for Form 2290 on the 2290 e-file partners page. If you need assistance in filing or help with other tax matters, you can learn more about our financial services here.

How Long Does the Schedule 1 Take to Receive?

In most cases, e-filers will receive their IRS-stamped Schedule 1 electronically within minutes of filling. They will then be able to print the Schedule 1 and provide it to their state department of motor vehicles with no need to visit an IRS office.

Other Details Related to the Heavy Highway Use Tax

If you are looking for face-to-face service, all IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers are now operated by appointment. You can call 844 545 5640 to schedule an appointment now. See the Taxpayer Assistance Center page on for more details.

If you need more information on this tax filing, the IRS is hosting a webinar titled “Understanding Form 2290-Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax” on August 15th at 2 p.m. EST. You can pre-register for the 60-minute webinar and closed captioning is available. Tax professionals who attend can earn one continuing professional education credit.

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